HASTA Certified vs. HASTA Tested: What's the Difference?

Did you know that according to Sport Integrity Australia warn athletes that 1 in 5 supplements contain banned substances and put you at risk of an unnecessary positive test?

When you’re a professional athlete who’s spent countless hours on training, recovery and nutrition, it’s a risk you simply can’t afford to take.

Knowledge is power, so let’s help you uncover the hidden hurdles around safe supplements, and the surprising facts all athletes need to know, starting with the difference between HASTA Certified products and HASTA Tested products.


First up, what’s the risk?

Unfortunately, some supplements contain banned substances that could pose a significant risk to your career.

A 2016 survey of 67 sports supplements readily available in Australia found that 20% contained one or more ingredients banned by WADA. None of the products with banned substances had them listed as ingredients, while two products posed ‘a very real risk to health’, according to independent quality assurance laboratory LGC, which ran the survey.

So without the right testing and certification, you might be choosing a sports supplement that could inadvertently lead to a positive drug test.


How HASTA helps.

While supplements are now widely available – from online retailers to supermarket shelves – not all supplements are created equal, and not all supplements can be consumed with confidence. This is where HASTA comes in. HASTA is the Australian Sports Supplement Drug Testing Specialist who tests supplements to identify if they contain prohibited substances.

Understanding the difference between HASTA Certified and HASTA Tested is an important step to making informed choices.


HASTA Certified vs HASTA Tested?

HASTA Certification is the most comprehensive badge of approval when choosing supplements and products.

To achieve the HASTA Certified badge, a product must meet a number of criteria.It means a product has had every batch tested for over 200 WADA prohibited substances and has also had its manufacturing quality controls verified. And once a product is certified, every new batch of products needs to be tested to maintain that certification.


HASTA Certified means:

  • ALL batches have been third-party tested
  • Manufacturing processes are tested
  • Batch Number and Expiry Dates appear on the Hasta website and SIA App
  • This then gives products permission to display the HASTA Certified stamp on packaging

The downside is that HASTA certification is expensive. The market for those requiring HASTA certified products, e.g., professional athletes, is small. For manufacturers, whose principal market is the general public, it’s simply not worth the investment.

This is where HASTA Tested comes in and provides professional athletes peace of mind. Suppliers can choose to get HASTA to test only a SPECIFIC BATCH to ensure it does not contain prohibited substances. This is far more economical for suppliers but can be confusing for athletes.


HASTA Tested means:

  • Only SELECTED batches are third-party tested
  • Manufacturing processes are not tested
  • Batch Number and Expiry Date don’t appear on Hasta website or app, however, you receive these along with a HASTA certificate to confirm that it has been tested for banned substances, when you purchase from Batch Tested

We will ALWAYS issue you with a HASTA certificate for peace of mind on our products, and we only stock the batches that have been HASTA tested. We cross-reference all of our stock to triple-check that the batch and expiry are compliant with HASTA before they get sent out.


The safe choice

At Batch Tested, it’s our mission to make sure that no professional athlete should ever test positive for a drug test unnecessarily.

We give you a 100% guarantee that we only range the tested or certified versions of your favourite supplements or nutritional products, to reduce any associated risks with taking sports supplements, and to free up professionals to focus on what’s important.

Got a question about HASTA and your favourite products? We’re always happy to help, simply drop us a line here.

Check out our range of tested and certified products online and make the smart choice about your supplements!

As Olympian and Batch Tested ambassador, Mack Horton, says:

“I’ve been paranoid over the years, and a service like Batch is peace of mind for me.”

Batch Tested

At Batch Tested, it’s our mission to make sure no athlete gets a positive test result, due to a product or supplement. We do this by providing simplified access to HASTA certified, batch tested with HASTA or Informed Sport certified protein, supplements and electrolytes from trusted brands, to ensure every batch we sell is tested, certified and approved.