Why choose Batch Tested?

Athletes around Australia struggle to find the information they need to use certified sports supplements safely. While some will have qualified dietitians and medical professionals at their side, for the vast majority, professional help and a reliable supply of high-quality supplements can be challenging to come by.

Batch Tested is here to bridge the gap for athletes that require education about sports supplements while also being a trusted and reliable provider for all things sports supplements. We stock an extensive range of professional sports supplements that athletes around Australia choose every day. 

Our team comprises qualified health professionals and former athletes who understand the strict requirements of being an athlete. That is why we recommend and stock products that have undergone independent third-party testing.

We also understand that Australian athletes will often choose to take supplements from a range of manufacturers. We aim to make your life easier by offering an extensive range of products that can be purchase safely and reliably. We also offer secure records of purchases and product details.


Our Qualified Batch Tested Team

Batch Tested was founded by award-winning pharmacist and former Queensland Firebirds netball player Karen Brown, alongside pharmacist and business partner Rod Garozzo. Together, they saw an opportunity to help Australian athletes through a one-of-a-kind business. 

The goal was to supply education and reliable sports supplements to Australian athletes, sporting organisations and elite professionals. The knowledge and information from Karen and Rod would go on to benefit athletes, organisations, dietitians, doctors, performance staff, physicians, scientists, and sporting professionals at all levels.

In an effort to continually grow and develop the brand, Batch Tested reached out to leading Australian sports dietitian Kellie Hogan to become an advisor for the company. This has helped ensure that Batch Tested has the latest evidence-based information to supply leading brands and offer professional knowledge to the athletes we work with.


Our Batch Tested Products 

Our continually growing stock list of the latest sports supplements is broken down into three major product categories for you to shop: proteinsupplements, and electrolytes. Choose from over 10+ leading brands to find a product that suits you. 

We make shopping with Batch Tested easy and reliable. Every single product you purchase through our online store is tracked and recorded for your convenience. We keep secure records of our purchase, including accreditation certificates, batch numbers, brands, dates, flavours and sizes.

Instead of shopping from multiple websites and maintaining a spreadsheet of numbers, choose Batch Tested for all your sports supplement needs in one place. We offer industry-leading products backed by qualified health professionals. 


HASTA Batch Tested Supplements

Bondi Vite

Premium quality, Australia-made health products that have been scientifically formulated to be a highly potent supplement. These products have been meticulously created from high-grade ingredients to support and complement your way of life. 


Collagen hydrolysate supplements that are good for your bones, hair, joints, muscles, nails, and skin. Gelpro uses premium ingredients and superfoods that were carefully selected to help your body do its best and heal. 

Koda Nutrition

An Australian sports nutrition company since 1995 that manufactures products that have a low sensory impact and are gentle on your stomach. Select from products that hydrate, fuel and recover your body while not being held back by stomach issues. 


Utilising the world’s best ingredients and superfoods, Swisse creates vitamins, supplements, and healthcare products for individuals who care about wellness and better themselves. Maintain and improve your health with clinically and scientifically backed supplements.


HASTA Certified Supplements

Body Science

Since 2002, Body Science has been obsessed with elite sport. They are one of Australia’s leading sports supplement brands, bringing you premium supplements to help achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Hydralyte Sports

Scientifically formulated to be consumed before, during and after sport, Hydralyte is a household brand known for proven everyday recovery. The same can be said for their sports formula range, helping Australian athletes stay hydrated. 


Recognised as one of the purest oral supplements worldwide, the orthoplex range is made using cutting-edge therapeutic products prescribed by leading healthcare professionals globally. Using the latest clinical research, these formulations can assist athletes across a wide range of conditions. 

True Protein

All-natural and transparent sports supplements made by a 100% Australian-owned and family run business. True Protein sources the best natural proteins from around the world. Optimise your health, performance, and well-being with True Protein’s supplements. 


Informed Sports Supplements


These performance nutrition products are designed to optimise recovery and are suitable for all kinds of athletes and health professionals. Musashi offers a complete range of sports nutrition solutions made using scientifically supported and proven results. 


Discover a product changing the sports nutrition landscape forever. These energy strips provide a fast and convenient boost that can be consumed without water. Suitable for athletes before, during and after excise — requiring new chewing, sticky waste or an upset stomach. 

Science in Sport

This award-winning supplement is trusted by athletes around the world across a wide range of sports. Their commitment to supplements backed by science and strict testing had made them one of the leading options in sports supplements. 


One Shop For All Your Supplements

We are an all in one solution for your sports supplements needs. Shop from a range of proven domestic and international supplement brands that have been batch tested by HASTA or Informed Sport. All of our products are proven, tested and suitable for athletes competing at the highest level. For any questions about our products, range or certification, contact us today on 0498 178 044 or

Batch Tested

At Batch Tested, it’s our mission to make sure no athlete gets a positive test result, due to a product or supplement. We do this by providing simplified access to HASTA certified, batch tested with HASTA or Informed Sport certified protein, supplements and electrolytes from trusted brands, to ensure every batch we sell is tested, certified and approved.