Why athletes need Batch Tested products

In many countries, including Australia, dietary supplements require no pre-approval before being sold — despite being a regulated industry. This means that many products on the market, from domestic and international brands, have not been adequately tested for professional use. 

Testing is required to prove that the manufacturer has created a product that is safe and free from banned substances. It also means that the ingredients are labelled correctly and are safe for athlete consumption. 

For professional athletes, unknowingly consuming these substances could lead to a positive drug test.


WADA, ASADA & Anti-Doping

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the leading authority in banned substances for many sports worldwide. WADA provides a comprehensive list of banned substance each year outlined in the prohibited list. 

  • The prohibited list is approved by WADA in September of each year and is published at least 3 months in advance before it comes into effect on 1 January the following year.

Along with WADA, each country will often have an anti-doping organisation to implement local programs, legislations and rules. In Australia, we have a national anti-doping organisation called the Australia Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).

  • Doping: consuming, trafficking and tampering with prohibited banned substances — in addition to — refusing to submit a sample. 


ASADA works closely with WADA and their code, stating that an athlete competing in a sport governed by the World Anti-Doping Code needs to be aware of the prohibited list of banned substances.

Athletes, trainers and sports professionals must understand the anti-doping guidelines set out by ASADA if they wish to compete in a sport at a high level or have their athlete compete. Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, testing positive for a banned substance can result in severe penalties. 

Here at Batched Tested, we offer batch tested and certified proteinsupplements and electrolytes for athletes looking to improve their peak performance with products that have the highest available level of anti-doping certification. Shop online today to find a product that suits your sport’s needs. 


Why is Third Party Batch Testing Needed?

Many sports supplement manufacturers will blend large batches of their product before being bagged for sale. A registered organisation, such as HASTA or Informed Sport, must review the manufacturing process and take samples from each batch. 

  • Cross-contamination in the manufacturing process: facilities and equipment used to make the supplement must be cleaned thoroughly between batches. A manufacturing audit is required for approved product certification.
  • Cross-contamination in the supply chain: plant ingredients are often contaminated. Anti-doping analysis of the raw ingredients is required to detect naturally occurring compounds.

These samples are analysed against the entire list of WADA banned substances. If the batch passes the strict tests, that single batch is certified by the third-party organisation. Many sports leagues will recommend using batch tested supplements in and out of competition. 


Why Choose A Batch Tested Product?

Here at Batch Tested, we offer a wide range of sports supplements for athletes that need anything from increasing muscle to losing weight or a hybrid of the two and much more. However, any athlete looking to compete at the highest level must always select from high-quality products that are independently tested.

Batch tested products from an independent organisation to the manufacturer will drastically reduce the risk of you or your athlete consuming a banned substance. HASTA and Informed Sport are two leading organisations that can detect even the smallest amounts of a banned substance. 

While no organisation anywhere in the world can guarantee 100% safety for a banned substance, choosing a HASTA certified. Informed Sport certified or HASTA batch tested product is the safest option on the market to date. 

We stock sports supplements from a range of leading brands with a certificate of analysis (COA). The best way to source your sports supplements is by visiting our online shop today to find a product that best suits you.  

If you are looking for a batch tested sports supplement, look for a certificate of analysis on the packaging. The certificate will also be accompanied by a batch number. You can use this number to look up the batch on the manufacturer’s website.  

This is an excellent resource for athletes and trainers who need peace of mind about their chosen products. Always check to see if the batch number is correct and has passed. If there is something wrong with the number, contact the manufacturer to crosscheck. 

  • Finding your batch number: often the batch number, or lot number, is located next to the expiry date on the bottom of the contain or lid. 


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At Batch Tested, it’s our mission to make sure no athlete gets a positive test result, due to a product or supplement. We do this by providing simplified access to HASTA certified, batch tested with HASTA or Informed Sport certified protein, supplements and electrolytes from trusted brands, to ensure every batch we sell is tested, certified and approved.